I’ve spent a couple of days playing with my new Pebble, and I’ve gone from “I vaguely remember C, I guess” to “I have a finished app, in the Pebble app store”.

It’s been very satisfying to complete something from start to finish, something that seldom happens in my professional life.

So what did I build? It’s an app that lets you select a type of tea from a list, tells you how much leaf tea you should use and what temperature of water, then runs a countdown timer so that you brew it for the right length of time. When your tea is ready, it vibrates.

Pebble-the-company are announcing something at CES tomorrow, probably their new 2.0 OS and it’s associated app store ecosystem - so I decided to sign up for an app store account and publish it. They’re geared up for commercial developers, so they required some marketing banners and other collateral. Yay for Photoshop, Illustrator and some stock icons.

The app store isn’t live yet, but the whole thing is available from my github page.