smash burgers


Perfect with 40 minute buns.

Grind 14 oz of brisket on a 14” / chilli grind, with about 20% fat to 80% lean meat. Season heavily with salt and fresh ground pepper. Thinly slice a quarter cup or so of shallots or red onion, slice enough cheddar to cover four sliders no more than 14” thick.

Put four rashers of bacon in a big skillet and put it on a medium-high heat. Let the fat render out and the bacon get crispy. Once the bacon is done pull it out onto some kitchen roll to drain; pour out most of the bacon fat (and save it for something else).

Put the skillet back on to medium-high heat, divide the ground brisket into four and form into balls. Leave them loose, don’t squish them tight. Put the four balls into the skillet and leave them for ~ 30 seconds.

With a wide spatula, squish the balls flat into 4.5-5” patties. Divide the shallot onto the top of the patties and press it in with the spatula. Let it cook for ~ 3 minutes, then flip the patties.

Put the cheese on top of each patty. Let them cook for another couple of minutes. Then cover the skillet with a lid to keep the steam and heat in for about four minutes - enough to melt the cheese.

Slice four buns, smear a very thin layer of mayonnaise on the bottom half of each bun. If I had pickles I’d dry them on some kitchen roll and put them on the bun. Then put on the burgers, then the bacon. It’ll probably benefit from a little ketchup and salt at the table.