technical book giveaway


I have a bunch of technical books that I’m giving away or recycling in the next week or so.

They’re mostly at this goodreads page but there’s also an elderly hardcopy set of Linux man pages and some 7.0 era Adobe product manuals, in the unlikely case you’re interested in such a thing.

There’s quite a lot of software development books - XML, XSLT, Windows development, Javascript, CSS, Flash, Flex, Apollo, C++, WebObjects, Perl, Python, SOAP, Erlang, HTML, Mathematica, Linux Home Automation, MFC, tcl/Tk, Java, Qt, Winsock, ATL, ActiveX, ColdFusion, Visual J++, Access.

Some system administration books - Linux Network Administrators Guide, VOIP, system security, Windows Networking.

And some more academic texts - Data Mining (a current, excellent, book that’s a duplicate), Optoelectronics, Engineering Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Neural Networks, Calculus, Vector Analysis. Some of them are old (1950s) but still relevant (and the “revised” editions are still published as standard texts).

If you want anything drop me a line ( in the next week or so and I’ll put it to one side, if we’re likely to run into each other in the next couple of months. If you’re really excited by something I’d consider mailing it. Everything else is getting recycled.